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General terms & conditions of GIGUE.COM

1. General

Welcome to our website WWW.GIGUE.COM (referred to below as ‘the Website’).

The website GIGUE.COM is managed by Online Heroes NV with offices at Mechelsesteenweg 271 box 1.1, 2018 Antwerp and enterprise number 0831.910.107 (referred to below as "Online Heroes" or “we”). To contact us, please click here to choose the relevant topic that you wish to contact us about.

These general conditions apply to your orders and purchases on the Website, and take precedence over any other conditions unless we have agreed to them in writing.

2. Orders

If you purchase one or more items in a single order through the Website, you are purchasing these items from Online Heroes, manager of GIGUE.COM. You can only make purchases as a consumer.

You can purchase items on the Website by clicking on an order and payment button after you have made your choice. By doing this, you undertake to pay for the items you have ordered. You will also be asked to accept these general conditions by ticking a checkbox for that purpose first.

Once you have placed your order, we confirm it as soon as possible by email to the email address you have given us. Once you have received this confirmation, the contract is binding. Until you have paid the purchase price (and any delivery costs) in full, the ordered items remain the property of Online Heroes. We will deliver the ordered items only after you have paid in full.

3. Payments

To pay for your order, you will be directed to a secure payment page on our Website.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro debit and credit cards, PayPal, iDeal, Bancontact and bank transfers. Purchases by credit card are charged when the goods are ordered. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we ask you to pay within three calendar days of receiving your order confirmation. If we do not receive your payment within seven calendar days, your order will be considered cancelled.
However, for certain orders, we have the right not to accept your chosen payment method, and to refer to one or more other payment methods. You must pay the costs associated with the payment transaction.
We may accept other payment methods in certain countries. This will be specified on the payment page.
We accept payments from any account. If we refund you, we will credit the card or bank account used. Refunds are made to bank accounts within the European Union only.
We are not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations between the currency used for the initial payment and the currency of your credit card or bank account when the amount is refunded.


4. Product information and prices

Even though we describe the main characteristics of our items, we have also done our utmost to ensure that descriptions and colours of our items are as accurate, clear, and complete as possible. However, the image and colour quality may vary depending on your screen. We cannot guarantee that your screen will correctly display all the features of the actual product.

You will find a product description (colour, size, type of product, and so on) and digital photos for each product.

Prices listed on the Website when you place your order are the applicable prices (including VAT), except if incorrect prices are so obvious that you could reasonably have known that this price was incorrect.

5. Shipment and delivery

Depending on the country of delivery, you can choose between these shipping options:

  • delivery at destination: at home or at the office
  • delivery to a collection point

We try to ship your order within one working day of receiving your full payment. We process and ship orders from Monday to Friday between 09.00 AM and 06:00 PM CET, except on public holidays in Belgium. It takes two to three working days on average for us to deliver your order to your stated address (excluding weekends and public holidays in Belgium and the country of destination).
If you are charged shipping costs, these will be communicated clearly, including VAT, before you place your order. A summary of the shipping costs for each country can be found in the table below.
We deliver within these countries:

Delivery at your locationDelivery CostsExpected delivery day
Austria6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Belgium6,50 EUR1-2 working days
Bulgaria6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Czech Republic6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Denmark6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Estonia6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Finland6,50 EUR4-5 working days
France6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Germany6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Hungary6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Ireland6,50 EUR2-3 working days
Italy6,50 EUR3-4 working days
Latvia6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Lithuania6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Luxembourg6,50 EUR1-2 working days
Netherlands6,50 EUR1-2 working days
Poland6,50 EUR3-4 working days
Portugal6,50 EUR3-4 working days
Romania6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Slovakia6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Slovenia6,50 EUR4-5 working days
Spain6,50 EUR3-4 working days
Sweden6,50 EUR3-4 working days
Switzerland6,50 EUR2-3 working days
United Kingdom6,50 GBP2-3 working days

If items within one order are temporarily out of stock, they will be delivered to you in several batches.
In the unlikely event that items you order are not (or no longer) in stock, we will inform you immediately and offer you an alternative solution (e.g. shipment at a later date, offer of a replacement item, or a full refund), obviously free of charge. Arranging for Online Heroes to purchase the same item is not an option.

If the items you ordered are damaged, you must contact our customer service department within seven calendar days of receipt.

In the exceptional case that the items you ordered are lost during delivery, we will offer you a voucher for the full amount of the lost items, including any shipping costs you have paid. You should note that we do not give refunds for lost orders. We also cannot guarantee that the lost items will still be in stock. Arranging for Online Heroes to purchase the same item is not an option.

Our obligation to deliver is suspended or terminated if force majeure occurs. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, war, the danger of war, riots, strikes, transport problems, fire, and other serious disruptions in the daily business management of Online Heroes or the third parties it hires.

6. Right of withdrawal and returns

6.1 Returns:
Notwithstanding your statutory right of withdrawal, see our ‘Returns Policy’.
To register a return, click on this button:

Return request

Return in the Returns Policy means:

  • returning one or more items from an order without returning all items from this order (e.g. one or two items from a total order of three items) within fourteen days of your receipt of the items, or
  • returning one, several, or all items of an order after the above fourteen days.

6.2 Statutory right of withdrawal:
Withdrawing from your contract in this Article 6.2 means cancelling the entire order you have placed, i.e. all items within this order.

You may withdraw from your contract within fourteen days from the day on which you received the items, without giving any reason or incurring any costs (except for any additional shipping costs on top of the standard shipping costs that you agree to be charged (specific deliveries)). Unless agreed otherwise, you are responsible for returning the items, and for the direct costs and risks involved.

You can exercise this right of withdrawal easily by contacting us via the contact form and filling in and uploading the model form attached to these general conditions.

Note: you lose your right of withdrawal for sealed goods, which are unsuitable to be returned because of health protection or hygiene reasons, if the seal is broken.

After legally exercising your right of withdrawal, you must return the goods yourself within fourteen days and bear the direct costs and risks. After Online Heroes receives the goods and provided these conditions are met:

  • each item is undamaged and strictly unused (with the exception of normal fitting in a shop)
  • the original labels and tags are still attached to each item and in perfect condition
  • the original packaging is enclosed and undamaged,

Online Heroes will promptly, and within no more than fourteen days, exchange the goods or refund all payments received for the cancelled order (including delivery costs, except for any additional shipping costs on top of the standard shipping costs that you agree to be charged) using the same means of payment you used to pay the order or to the same bank account.

If we cannot refund you because the above conditions have not been met, our Customer Service team will notify you. Returns that we have not accepted can be sent back to you if you transfer €18.00 within ten days of your contact with our Customer Service team. If you do not wish to receive the goods back, or a response is not received in good time, the goods will be destroyed.

This article does not in any way limit the statutory warranty you would enjoy if the goods were defective. However, we request you to inform us about the defect within two months of discovering it. Complaints will no longer be accepted after this period.

7. Intellectual property

All content (images, texts, brand names, and so on) of GIGUE.COM is protected by copyright and trademark law.

Using, copying, or distributing any content of this Website in any way without the express written consent of Online Heroes is prohibited.

8. Gift vouchers and discount vouchers

These conditions apply to gift vouchers:

  • Gift vouchers are valid for up to twelve months from the date of purchase if no shorter validity period is specified when they are issued.
  • Gift vouchers can be exchanged only for items on GIGUE.COM.
  • Gift vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. They do not yield interest, even if cancelled.
  • Gift vouchers must be used before your order is completed, thus when choosing the payment method and actually making payment. After payment, you can no longer use a gift voucher for this order.
  • If the amount of your order exceeds the value of the gift voucher, you must select the payment method by which you wish to pay the remaining amount.
  • If the value of your gift voucher exceeds the amount of your order, you can use the same code for your next purchase. The remaining amount will remain available until the balance is used or the validity period has expired.
  • If you return items purchased with a gift voucher, a new gift voucher will be issued to you.
  • Gift vouchers are emailed to the buyer once the purchase has been processed and payment has been made. At the request of the buyer, a copy can be sent as confirmation.
  • Online Heroes is not liable for sending a gift voucher to an incorrect or non-existent email address. This is the buyer’s responsibility.
  • Online Heroes is not responsible if a gift voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission.
  • Shipping costs and VAT apply to all items purchased with a gift voucher.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase other gift vouchers.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used with other gift vouchers, discount vouchers, or offers and must be redeemed by the specified date, if provided.

These conditions apply to discount vouchers:

  • Discount vouchers are vouchers that cannot be purchased but that are issued during advertising campaigns; their validity period is limited in time.
  • Discount vouchers can be redeemed once only as part of an order, and only within the specified period.
  • Discount vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers. A minimum purchase value may be required for the use of discount vouchers.
  • The value of the items must equal or exceed the value of the discount voucher. If the amount of your order exceeds the value of the discount voucher, you must select the payment method by which you wish to pay the remaining amount.
  • Discount vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. They do not yield interest, even if cancelled.
  • Discount vouchers will not be refunded if all or some items are returned.
  • Discount vouchers must be used before your order is completed, thus when choosing the payment method and actually making payment. After payment, you can no longer use a discount voucher for this order.
  • Discount vouchers may not be passed on to third parties. Unless agreed otherwise, discount vouchers cannot be used with other discount vouchers, gift vouchers, or offers.
  • If you have used a discount voucher with your order and the total value of your order becomes less than or equal to the value of your discount voucher because of a cancellation, we reserve the right to charge you the original price for the items you keep.

9. Copy of your contact

If you would like a copy of your contract, you can print the order confirmation that appears on your screen once you have placed your order and your payment has been processed. This order confirmation will also be emailed to you.

10. Applicable law - jurisdiction

Belgian legislation applies to the contract with Online Heroes.

Any dispute relating to interpreting or performing this contract comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp, Belgium.

Online dispute resolution option:
The European Commission offers the option of online dispute resolution on one of their online platforms. This platform can be consulted via the external link

11. General conditions

On the date the contract is concluded, its provisions constitute the full agreement between us regarding its subject matter.

Should either of us fail to demand the strict application of a contractual provision at any time, this cannot be regarded as a relinquishment. Unless expressly stated otherwise, nothing prevents either of us from demanding strict compliance later.

The validity of our contract will not be affected by the possible invalidity of one or more of its provisions.

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