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It’s no secret that Gigue is totally into pastels. And we’re not only talking about our wardrobe here. This Christmas we take our pastel obsession a step further. Soft pink, lilac and sky blue are now finding their way into our living rooms. Whether shopping for tableware, gift wrapping or Christmas tree ornaments, pastels are our new go-to. Perfect to create a dreamy atmosphere and give the end-of-year festivities an original touch. Now the only thing we still need is a matching outfit!

Save water,
drink champagne"



Surprise your guests this Christmas with a fruity aperitif instead of the standard glass of cava.


40 ml Mary White vodka
10 ml maple syrup
50 ml fresh grapefruit juice
A pinch of sea salt
A stem of rosemary




Still have to do some Christmas shopping? This year we’re planning a trip to Hasselt. From November 18 until January 7 the Dusartplein transforms into a magical Christmas market, better known as Winterland. A promising name indeed. Take a ride on the train, bring a visit to Santa’s house, go for a round on the skating rink and warm up with a yummy glass of genever after. It doesn’t get more cosy than that. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our store in the Kapelstraat while you’re there!Visit the website



For 6 people

200 ml olive oil - 4 cloves of garlic - 4 large basil leaves - 200 g of ricotta - 12 slices of bresaola - 50 g of rucola - 1/2 lemon

Fry the olive oil with the crushed garlic cloves for 10 min on low heat. Let the garlic oil cool down. Cut the basil leaves. Mix the ricotta in a bowl with some salt, freshly ground pepper and basil. On each slice of bresaola, add a spoon of ricotta, some slices of rucola and roll up the bresaola.

Put the rolls side by side in a dish. Spoon the garlic oil over the rolls and squeeze some lemon juice over it. Sprinkle with fleur de sel or salt and freshly ground pepper. Cover the dish with clingfilm and leave for 1 h in the refrigerator.

Merry Christmas
and happy always"



For 4 people

300g basmati rice - 1 pumpkin - 1 onion - 2 garlic cloves - 400 g mushroom mix - 30 g butter - 1 tsp dried thyme - 30 g flour - 300 ml tap water - 1 mushroom bouillon cube - 20 g flat parsley - 175 g unsalted nut mixture

Cook rice according the the instructions on the package. In the meantime, cut the top and the bottom of the pumpkin and remove the seeds and fibrous insides with a spoon. Hollow out the pumpkin and leave 1 cm of flesh. Cut the removed flesh into cubes. Cook the pumpkin cubes for 6 min in water with salt. Remove from the water and purée the pumpkin with a bar mixer.

Slice the onion and mince the garlic. Slice the mushrooms into pieces. Melt the butter in a deep pan and brown the onion and mushrooms for 3 min. Add the mushrooms and thyme and cook for 4 min. Add the flour and stir for 2 minutes until cooked. Add the water and the bouillon cube and bring to a boil while stirring. Add the mashed pumpkin and let the ragout boil on low heat for 5 min. Add pepper to taste.

Mince the parsley finely, mix the nuts and parsley to the rice. Pour the ragout into the pumpkin and serve with the rice.

Bon appetit!

Let it snow
let it glow
let it wow"



What we like about Mary White Vodka? Better ask what we don’t like, because that answer is simple: absolutely nothing. This 100% pure Belgian Premium Vodka is named after Mary White, the first female bootlegger. Like Mary herself, its creators want to offer a feminine alternative to the male dominated world of spirits. Drinking Mary White Vodka is experiencing, we quote “a distinctive touch of grain in the nose, a fully developed tingly flavour on the palate, a smooth and silky texture on the tongue, and an epic aftertaste.” Sounds like our kind of drink. Oh, and did you see that gorgeous bottle?Visit the website

Happiness looks gorgeous on you"Gigue wisdom



You have Italian cuisine and then you have Gellius. We can’t find the right words to describe their wonderful dishes but let us say that the Italians wouldn’t mind making the trip to Knokke for this. From the carpaccio and risotto to the dolces and vinos, everything is top-notch. And the same can be said about the atmosphere. Cosy dim lights, vintage pictures on the wall, ceramic plates on the table, even a real Vespa… they saved costs nor effort to create the perfect setting. And we must admit: it does make the food taste even better. A table for two please!Visit the website

Fabrics in the mix


One of the easiest ways to add some punch to your look is contrasting rugged materials with more feminine fabrics. This woolen coat looks great on a shiny top and makes you look both powerful and elegant. Throw in some statement accessories, like a sparkly brooch, to give the outfit your own personal touch.Discover the look



We are not claiming to be experts in colour psychology, but what we do know is that a harmonious colour palette creates a peaceful interior. And we all want that, right? Lucky for us, the home linen collection from DECOPUR follows the same philosophy. They focus on durability, which translates in the use of subtle colours and natural fabrics. What this means for you? No blankets and tablecloths that you throw away after one season because they’re outdated, but timeless quality linen that you can use over and over again. Without getting tired of them, that is. Did we mention they’re Belgian?Visit the website

Wildflowers & Wodka


It’s no secret we’re totally obsessed with flowers. In a vase on our coffee table, as a print on our clothes and now - this is our latest thing - as a crown on our head. The only question is… where can you find flower crowns? Well, we decided it’s more fun to make them ourselves. The lovely Loes from Wildflowers & Wodka organises workshops in which she teaches you how to make a Pinterest perfect flower crown. Cocktails, beats and a great atmosphere included. Perfect for a fun night out with the girls! No creative skills? You can also order beautiful flower arrangements for your next party. Don’t forget to invite us!Visit the website

A wild place


Famous Antwerp-based restaurant L’épicerie du Cirque marked a change with two new hotspots. The night-time equivalent of its daytime food bar Moss, Bar Palmier is a sized down Amazon Forest. Be amazed as all around you there are tropical showers, cascading waterfalls and palm trees. Guests enjoy raw vines, craft beers and refreshing cocktails. Their bestseller taco’s complete the culinary portfolio: crab and bacon, smoked mackerel or mussels. With a little extra imagination you take place in the Game of Thrones chair. Visit the toilets once, or maybe even twice, because writing on the walls is perfectly allowed. Let’s say there’s something for everyone.Visit the website

Studio Arhoj


When shopping for our interior we always have one rule in mind. Does this make us happy? Well, the ceramics from Studio Arhoj surely do! This Copenhagen based design store unites Scandinavian simplicity and the traditional Japanese culture in unique one-of-a-kind objects, hand-crafted according to traditional methods such as wheel throwing and glaze construction. They use different materials like wood, clay, porcelain, paper and glass but the main focus is always on form, which simply means they want to create beautiful things. Ah, a brand after our own heart!Visit the website

That's toast


Health gurus say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and who are we to argue with that? Taking their advice to heart, we visited That’s Toast in Bruges where they serve the most mouthwatering dishes: from a traditional English breakfast to a healthy salmon avocado toast or a more experimental mushroom-hummus-egg sandwich. Breakfast is served in generous portions and - here comes the best part - all day long! Even if you’re not feeling hungry their courtyard garden is a nice place to give your feet and thoughts some rest while enjoying a cup of coffee or some freshly squeezed juice. Visit now, because we have the feeling that soon their will be lines out the door.Visit the facebookpage

Lasso jewelry


Beauty lies in simplicity. That’s one thing we and Lasso Jewelry have in common. This Belgian brand stole our heart with their pure and simple, yet intricate and luxurious looking creations. Timeless as they are, these are the kind of jewels you’ll pass on to the next generation. On top of that, all their designs are handmade which means you’ll never spot someone wearing the exact same jewel. We could go on endlessly about their superior quality and great looks, but we prefer to let the jewelry itself do the talking.Visit the website

Vintage beauty


This vintage-inspired jacket is not just a garment, it’s a piece of art. Whether you’re looking for a stand out piece for that long awaited party or you want to make a good impression during that presentation, this beautiful brocade print will draw the attention of anyone, anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it great how just one piece of clothing can make you feel so confident about yourself? After all, that’s what fashion is all about.Shop the jacket

Beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart"Ritu Ghatourey

Het Raadhuys


Time to recharge your batteries? No better place to soak up the quietness than Het Raadhuys, a guest house in the charming little village of Kessel. A stone’s throw from De Keverberg castle, this 19th-century building was the former town hall until the current owners Marij en Theo transformed it into a design B&B in 2012. Names like the Secretary room and the Archive room highlight the remarkable history of the building. Our personal favourite however is the Mayor’s room. More a suite than a room, it features a deluxe rain shower, a beautifully designed bath, a king size box-spring bed and a glorious view over the patio garden and the river Meuse. In short, everything you need to completely unwind.Visit the website

Charlie’s world


With life as short as the flutter of an eyelash, why would you want to fill your sight with anything but the extraordinary? This is when Charlie is coming to your rescue! Charlie’s world is the result of 2 people, in love with the world, design and all things beautiful. Thomas and Noella transformed an enormous space just outside of Deinze into the next crème de la crème for rock’n’roll design furniture and accessories. What’s the finishing touch? There’s regularly an exhibition, concert or workshop to attend and if that doesn't entice you, maybe the designer list will: Vitra, Ligne Roset, Zanotta, Woud, String and Spectrum Design at your service!Visit the website

The art of contrast


Monochrome dressing has embraced an autumnal mood. The key to getting it right? Stick to two or three complementary shades and offset the look with one accessory in a contrasting hue. Complete the look with a play on texture and mix with soft suede shoes, a cotton cardigan and classic slim fit pants.Discover the look

Light a candle


Jo Malone. It may as well be renamed as the “Ultimate Land of Fragrance Dreams”, but Jo Malone is easier to write down on your future wishlist. The scent master, yes it is a woman, orchestrates a world of bespoke luxury. Whether it’s the smell of a Mediterranean garden, a summer cocktail or the natural scent of home, each handmade candle is unique to you. Shape the mood with a broad range of delicious scents, from deluxe home sprays to travel candles and transform every room with a fusion of fragrance. So, get me one for the holidays and we’ll be best friends forever?Visit the website

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smileWilliam Cullen Bryant

A hero knit


The secret to standing out in a crowd starts with your wardrobe foundations. We love classics with a twist, so take this all-new hero knit and make it yours forever. With a luxury feeling to it, an interesting clean cut and intricate details it requires absolute minimal effort. Just wear it with tailored pants and a long coat for a minimalist look.Discover the top

Loft Living


Don’t get us wrong, we love those interior design stores who have secured their place in the history books of interior design, but we’re also suckers for fresh talent and inspiration. Are you looking for a new design table or an eye-catching lamp for your entrance hall? Loft Living in Nieuwpoort-Bad has got you covered! This family business has beautiful and unique design items in store, but they also offer complete makeovers for your home. And it even gets better. Planning a seaside weekend and you are an extreme lover of good night’s sleep, design and comfort? Loft Living now rents its Garden Suite as a little holiday getaway. And everything in there is for sale too! Talking about a complete designer heaven on Belgian grounds!Visit the website

Kundalini Yoga


Why follow the successful yoga teacher Goedele Leyssen? She’s modern, fresh and hip! In a previous life she was the beauty & health editor for Feeling Magazine, but her mindset changed when she lived in an ashram in India and practiced yoga every day. She quit her job and now she teaches a special yoga workshops and lectures in Belgium and far abroad. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Happy mind, happy body, happy soul!Visit the website

Rock'n'roll eclairs

eclairs de genie.jpg

Summer is not only felt in the weather, it is also evident in L’Éclair de Génie’s Parisian menu: imagine smooth choux with shiny glazing, generous filling and unique flavours such as Citron Yuzu, Pistachio Orange and Blueberry Chestnut. Wait, what? Well the story begins in the 19th century, when eclairs have always been limited to 2 basic flavours: chocolate and vanilla. When one day, a young talented pastry chef Christophe Adam decided to make an orange eclair. And before he knew it, L’Eclair de Génie was born, which literally translates to “a flash of genius”. He makes the most unusual decorated eclairs: modern, colourful and a little rock n’ roll. So, when in Paris make sure you stop by, because you’ll never see eclairs in the same way!Visit the website



Knokke offers more than only sun, sea and shopping sprees. Whenever you are near the coast, think about visiting this cultural hot spot. Absolute Art Gallery has been a mainstay in the art world for over ten years, exhibiting a bounty of contemporary paintings, sculptures and photos by renowned Belgian and international artists. The gallery represents about 25 artists who employ modern techniques to suggest facts, landscapes and characters, which somehow belong to an indefinite space and time situated in our collective memory. If you still haven’t had enough of this art beauty, go through their web shop and buy some of their arty books too, because we know you’re an artsy lady!Visit the website



Wait, the September what? Dessert diva Maida Heatter created the September 7th cake many years ago for her daughters birthday and published the recipe in one of her most popular cookbooks. The rest is history. There is very little "cake" in this cake, because it’s flourless and gluten free. It consists of two thin layers of chocolate cake, with a filling of stabilised whipped cream and some coffee. How could that possibly be bad? This cake is delicious, light and airy. We would describe it as eating chocolate air, so you definitely have to try it!Pinterest

The sky is the limit


Look… A majestic bird flies high in the sky! It is an eagle soaring over the hills and forest of the Syöte national park. Looking for a place to build his nest. And it has found it: a comfortable and special place high up on the Iso Syöte hilltop with a splendid 360 degrees free view in all directions. Let us take a glimpse inside: a tree is growing in the middle, going up to the second floor. Walls and even the roof are made of glass. A unique chance to admire the midnight sun in summer and the dance of the Northern Lights in the sky in the winter. Lying on the bed or enjoying a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi, while overlooking the unspoiled nature all around you, like an eagle, admire the scenery and almost touch the sky!Visit the website



When in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, it’s hard not to be all exhausted and exhilarated after the grand finale of the whirlwind from this fashion month. This year, however, we did a little research to ensure that you find the hotel that's perfectly suited for your fashionista style. Looking for a fiercely fashionable stay ? The premier location of the Mandarin Oriental will blow you away. You don't have to wander far to experience the chic Parisienne life and the hotel is surrounded by history and excellent shopping. Combined with its modern style, art deco details and oriental touch it will make you go: Oh la la Paris!Visit the website



Autumn is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited to layer up in a chic new coat. Wondering which one to choose? Cut with simplicity in mind, nothing can beat this rich sky blue hue, the luxury feel of the wool and the classic, timeless shape. And the best part? It works for every silhouette and is always a chic option for city dwellers. Falling just below the knee, wear it with luxurious separates like a brocade skirt and cosy jumper for the office or just for the weekend!Shop the coat

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophisticationLeonardo Da Vinci

Posada Mirador


The highest point of the Copper Canyon. Panoramic views. Surrounded by pine trees. Marble decor. Only a few qualities for this deluxe hotel, which appears to be etched out of the natural rock itself. Its beautiful structure is unique in architecture and decor and each luxurious room has a spectacular view overlooking the awe-inspiring scenery from the rim of the canyon! From the hotel you might take a horseback to see the Tarahumara Indians who live in the canyon caves below or if you are really adventurous, hike down to the canyon floor. A helicopter tour is also an option, if you want to watch eagles swoop overhead or even below you. A birdwatching paradise it is!Visit the website

Mohair crush


Let's say you want a cardigan that makes a statement, but embellishments feel too showy and graphics aren't really your thing. The solution is this ombre effect cardigan, made from an extra soft blend of mohair and wool for a soft and luxurious finish. With its relaxed fit, you can style your whole outfit around it and it’s just perfectly made for layering. What’s not to love?Discover the cardigan

Brussels Design September

design (2).jpg

These few past years, Brussels has incontestably developed itself as the city of Design. The annual flagship event Design September, with more than 100 small events, is proud to contribute to this creativity and innovation. For one whole month, design enthusiasts have the chance to witness a multitude of dialogues between designers, architects and design lovers as well to discover urban trails between the many pop-up stores, workshops, galleries and cultural spaces. We really don’t need to send you an invitation for this one!Visit the website

Pretty in powder pink


Powder pink will be a trend commodity this fall season, but no need to wait for temperatures to drop: wear this ultra-feminine shade right now! Light, pale colours and dark, pigmented colours are such a match made in clothing-heaven. Pair your pastel pieces with suede or leather, as it's such a lovely counterbalance: the shade’s inherent sweetness combined with innovative, modern silhouettes. It’s all about the sophisticated softness and warm elegance embedded in earth tones. Basically, pastels are for everyone, all the time.Discover the look

Oh my foodness!


Amsterdam is about to get so famous for something green, and this time it isn’t a leaf. We’re talking about avocados, and plenty of them. Enough, in fact, to fill an entire restaurant menu. If you're a fan of avocado with anything, make sure your passport isn't expired. The Avocado Show opened in the trendy De Pijp neighbourhood, so you'll have the perfect oasis for a one-of-a-kind meal. And the perfect Instagram, too. That's because every item on the menu in some way, contains the green superfruit and it truly doesn’t disappoint: they serve delicious avocado-bun burgers, intriguingly-sweet avocado chocolate smoothies and the classic avocado toast. We know for sure: the avocado craze isn’t going anywhere just yet.Visit the website

Food art on the plate


It is well worth the 10-minute walk out of the city centre of Ghent to discover Volta, a restaurant run by the genial young chef Davy Depourcq. Housed in a former electric power station, it's no wonder there is such a spark between the clientele and the team working in the kitchen. The dynamic chef creates little art pieces on your plate, championing fine local products and most of them are prepared on the spot. The bio vegetables from the vegetable garden gave Volta the Gault Millau title for the Best Vegetable restaurant in 2013. If that doesn’t convince you yet, then the industrial interior with the wealth of exciting flavours, aromas and colours of the delicious cocktails will!Visit the website

La butte aux bois


Mirror, mirror on the wall, where is the most fairy-tale spa of them all? Well, if Snow White had to plan a day of wellness and relaxing, Hostellerie La Butte aux Bois would be her second home. Lost in nature, this amazing spa is an exceptionally beautiful country estate located in the heart of a verdant wooded area. The majestic garden with its avenues and idyllic spots will take you into reveries of times gone by. The property was originally built for the knight, Sir Lagasse de Locht and his family, but today it is a huge and highly versatile hotel in an elegant and distinguished decor. Total tranquillity and harmony with nature in all its glory, isn’t that all we need to boost our inner Snow White from time to time?Visit the website

Game changer


A picture says a thousand words and this chevron pleated midi skirt speaks volumes and elegant fabulousness. If you're tired of restrictive pencil skirts and impractical high hemlines, a pleated chevron skirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Lacking the formal drama of a full skirt, but with the same femininity, the soft pleats make it a much better option for the day. You can dress it down with flat shoes and a bomber jacket or give it a more traditional spin with heels and a casual chic blouse. At this time of year, it makes a great transitional piece, as chic worn with leather boots and a duster coat.Discover the skirt

A moment with the butterflies


Hotspot spotted! The pop-up bar on the seaside of Knokke-Heist has an extremely high Pinterest level and not only because of the interior. While drinking your afternoon tea or enjoying the delicious sweets from the famous patisserie Gaelens, you are also in sweet little company of hundreds of exotic butterflies. Do we need to say more? At the height of summer, the Exhibition Hub will allow visitors to experience this unique event for the very first time in Belgium. A venue where you can enjoy upscale drinks and food, surrounded by flying butterflies to admire freely. Oh yes, and if that is not enough, there’s a terrace with breathtaking sea views, overlooking the natural coast... An enchanting setting it is!Visit the website

Without elegance of the heart, there’s no eleganceYSL



All in one – that could be the logo of Baouzza, because it's a restaurant but also a lounge during the day, a cocktail bar at night and a beach bar in the summer, with a splendid terrace overlooking the nature of Diepenbeek. The hybrid element also features in their top menu, where Mediterranean cooking meets fresh pizzas, a range of tapas and one private barbecue island just for you and your friends ! Say what? The best time to go is, without question, when the sun is just starting to set, the wind is kissing your hair and you are sipping on a marvelous cocktail. Make sure your mobile is well charged because the view is unmissable.Visit the website



Providing a summery twist to the classic gin and tonic, the sweet floral flavour of the elderflower works refreshing, offering a light and subtle character. During the month of June elderflower blooms all over the country side, you won’t have to walk far to find the elegant white flower standing proud in the hedgerow. You can collect the flowers on a dry warm day, the earlier the better as the scent is more intense. So the quick bit is you can just add the flowers, the sugar and the gin into a jar and stir it up. And the long bit: leave for a week until the gin has turned a honey colour. Now the fun bit… Drink it! Serve with apple juice & mint, or mix with lemonade & freeze for some very grown-up ice lollies. Cheers!Visit the website



Cannes we check in this place asap please? Hidden from curious eyes inside its 9 hectares park, the Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel is a veritable Garden of Eden, that will exceed all your expectations.
If it’s not the glittering settings overlooking the azure sea, then it is the private parkland with the swaying Riviera palms and centuries old pine trees. Artists and writers made it their preferred site on the Côte d’Azur, soon to be joined by the aristocracy and later by movie stars. Centuries later, the legend continues. There is a plaque in the garden quoting French writer Anatole France: ‘What will be, is what was", and so we are dreaming further away to once experience a magical stay in Cap-Eden-Roc.Visit the website



If you ever feuded with your husband over hanger space or turned your house upside down trying to find that specific clothing item, you might be a prime candidate for a closet conversion. So, step 1. Forget the spare bedroom. Think about using that room for something closer to your heart. Dedicate a whole dressing room to getting ready, your own inspiration zone. Step 2: You can opt to do the project yourself, but we really recommend Camber just in case you don’t quite know how to build one. With more than 20 years of experience and working together with various interior architects, they are your closest partner in crime! Step 3: Enjoy your spacious walk-in closet. Do we need to go to step 4? I guess not!Visit the website



You think you walked into another ordinary Italian place? You thought wrong, because Baracca takes the Italian love for food sharing to a next level. Located in the centre of Leuven, it’s one of the city’s top destinations for refined, upscale Italian cuisine. Their inspiration? The lovely Italian ancestors who worked in the coal mines during the day. In the evening they met in wooden barracks to share their life stories while eating and drinking together. That’s how the name Baracca was born. The togetherness and hospitality between different generations of people is what they want to achieve. An all-Italian vibe is shown with Instagram worthy showstopping dishes, intended for sharing and enjoying together. Salute!Visit the website



In today’s busy world, everyone should take pause to enjoy a moment of delight. With the right blend of technical skill, creativity and a well-composed palette of ingredients, this perfume house has been revealing perfumes seeped in a rich history to us for over 30 years. Their strength: strike an emotional chord. The experience is all about discovering an unusual perfume, one that perfectly suits you. The fragrances touch your emotions and connect with your most cherished memories, making life smell so beautiful. Some are spicy, others daring, extravagant or very exotic. There’s something for everyone and every nose!Visit the website



Ever wondered if it would be possible to transform worthless plastic parts into elegant jewelry? Dream no further, jewelry designer Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen is reaching the top with her research project EDELPLAST. Inspired by the ecological benefits and the expressive potential in upcycling cable waste, her unique jewelry collection is all about our fast-paced throwaway lifestyle. She chooses to hand weave all kinds of wires, which is a very slow and traditional technique. The flat woven surfaces are pressed and melted, followed by cutting techniques to create intricate patterns. These can range from very graphic images to almost marble like patterns. Happy colours, ethnic and a bit of marmer-ish. But a lot of must-have-ish!Visit the website

Dinner on a lake?


The only possible answer to this question is ‘yes, please!’. All summer long, the beautiful domain of the Leeuwergem Castle in Zottegem invites you to dine on their private lake. You’ll be treated to champagne or a gin & tonic upon arrival at this dreamy destination, after which a cute row boat takes you to your floating restaurant. Dinner is being served in five courses, lovingly prepared by a cast of chefs with renommée, such as Mathias Van Acker (Coeur d’Artichaut), Thomas Dekimpe and Pieterjan Broucke (Hof Van Cleve, Boury, Auberge du Pêcheur) and Nico Poppe (Culpo). Watch the sun set, treat all your senses to an exquisite experience and return to land with an indelible smile.Visit the website

Perfect pottery


Atelier Turquoise is a story about family and a passed-on love for colours. A mother and daughter’s hunt for unique combinations of one-of-a-kind decorative items and tasteful tableware. Kristien De Ridder is a ceramic artists with a keen taste for bright designs that will spice up any interior. Daughter Charlotte, a fashion stylists with a heart for deco, is the one responsible for the bold pictures and smart branding. The results of their collaboration are impossible not to fall in love with. They say the eyes do half the tasting. We couldn’t agree more: with these pink platters and cheerfully decorated bowls, any meal becomes a true feast.Visit the website

Feel like a Greek goddess


If you like your Ouzo ‘on the rocks’, then this place is about to raise your heartbeat to a jungle drum. Villa Aura in Santorini, Greece, begins on the cliff and extends into the hillside, boasting both incredible views of the sea and cozy, intimate rooms cut into the rock. Just because it’s a villa in a cave, does not mean you have to live anything like a caveman. Oh no. You’ll have a private pool to splash in, a breakfast cook when you decide to roll out of bed and a view that’s to die for. Stroll down to the lively bars in Santorini or head out to the beach for a taste of the best seafood around. Trust us: holidays have never looked this mighty fine!Visit the website

Exclusive dining on the Cadzand seaside


Staying at the seaside and in need of a little adventure paired with some fine cuisine? We have just the thing for you. Sergio Herman is about to open Air Republic, a cosy brasserie serving honest dishes, straight out of the sea. Right up Herman’s alley, as the restaurant in the harbour of lovely Cadzand takes him back to his roots in Zeeland. If you prefer munching on the beach, you can even take away some bites from the AIRcafé. But the best part is this: you can skip the waves all the way to the restaurant by taking a water taxi from anywhere on the Belgian coast. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect holiday treat, we don’t know what does.Visit the website

The Pharmacy


No, it’s not a pharmacy in the literal use of words, but this cocktail bar near the coast of Knokke-Heist comes really close to that definition. Their first-class science and technique of preparing, mixing and inventing says it all. What makes the speakeasy bar even more special, is the hidden location. You have to spot it first! The business is run by Belgium’s only genuine cocktail family: father Jan Van Ongevalle and his children, Ran and Hannah, who ranks among the top 12 bartenders in the world. They offer a huge range of specially selected outstanding spirits, which can be enjoyed in an authentic, London-themed decor with an exceptional hospitality. That being said, an evening to remember is definitely guaranteed!Visit the website

Byredo fragrances


2016 taught us that genders are fluid. Clearly, we’re late to the party, since over at Byredo, they have long since understood that the division doesn’t apply. Ben Gorham was so intrigued by scent after travelling to his mother's hometown in India, he starting blending raw materials in simple aromatic compositions. Stark design, surprising mélanges and names like Bibliothèque and Baudelaire should be enough to tickle your nose, shouldn’t they?Visit the website

Fresh flowers


What a delight to enter a room with a vase of freshly cut flowers. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy a touch of nature in the midst of you home, all year round? With Blomster, you can subscribe to a weekly bouquet like you would to a magazine. This Antwerp shop offers a fresh selection of flora, delivered right to your door. Of course, if you prefer to pick your own beauties, you are more than welcome to be inspired by the delicious fragrances of petals at the shop, located in Antwerp’s Eilandje district. Careful though, the many magazines on display might give you ideas to turn your whole interior into a jungle!Visit the website

Moms are awesome


Being a mom is a full-time job, and a tough one at that. That’s why moms should be celebrated in style. If you’ve come up empty in your search of Mother’s Day gifts, allow us to hand you this beauty on a silver platter. Nooz is the name of your own private oasis. Forget about your watch: this is a place that defies time. You’ll be in the midst of the Kempen forest, surrounded by quietly rustling leaves. At your disposal: a sauna, massages, succulent dinner options, a night in the woods… The list is endless and will be adapted according to your personal preferences. If ultimate relaxation is what you’re after, look no further and don those slippers already.Visit the website

A splash of colour


Why only shine bright like a diamond? Why not shine in every shade the rainbow has on offer? Imagine this: you’re wearing running shoes and a white T-shirt, breathing deep to gather the strength needed to run 5 kilometres. (Don’t worry, you’ve got this. Piece of cake.) While running, you’re covered in puffy clouds of colour, painting you from head to toe. The more you run, the more you support Think Pink in their fight against breast cancer. And that’s not all: not only is The Color Run dubbed ‘the Happiest 5K on the Planet’, after your efforts, you’re welcome to kick back and relax at the Color Festival. Take note and start training for the Ostend edition (July 3rd) or the Brussels one (August 8th). Cause baby, you were born to run!Visit the website

Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’."Robin Williams

A taste of Mexico


In Mexico they keep a good eye on their traditional spirit: the mezcal. It’s our friend tequila's older, mysterious, and more complex little brother. The roots of mezcal stretch far into history: created from the rustic mixture known as pulque, and along with sombreros and luchadores, it is now deeply ingrained in Mexico’s culture. Its strong, intensive flavour still made its way to our bars and restaurants, because we just love it so much in our cocktails. We bet your Spanish will go loco!

A table a Paris


Three star chefs, nine sophisticated dishes, only one place to be. This summer you will experience a unique culinary journey at Hotel George V: the ultimate decadent fine dining in the heart of Paris. Located just steps from the Champs-Elysées with private terraces that command all of Paris and a defining spirit of elegance and charm, Hotel George V redefines luxury in the City of Lights. A dream location for a romantic tête-à-tête, with that gorgeous dress as an extra eye-catcher!Visit the website

Fancy French Fries


Sergio Herman does it again: not only does he work his magic on traditional dishes, but now you can dine in the first Frites Atelier in Antwerp. You would think: a Dutch top chef who tries to equal our famous French fries, that’s so daring! But this haute fast food hotspot should be on top of your list! Sergio celebrates his predilection for potatoes and makes the luxury version of our Belgian pride. The first class golden marble interior you get for free. Add that extra mayo right away!Visit the website

British breakfast


Eat, sleep, breathe, repeat. If you’re looking for a city escape that allows for a little time-out, Leman Locke deserves a spot at the very top of your list. This East London pied-à-terre is not quite a hotel, but not quite an apartment either. If anything, these spacious rooms with a kitchen and a cosy sofa feel like home. Enjoy your view of the city, have a bite at the gorgeous in-house restaurant or ask the chef for a nice recipe and get cracking in the kitchen. You can stay for just one night or live there for a year, just don’t leave before trying the Himalayan Hibiscus Body Cleanse — it’s godlike.Visit the website

Delbôve cosmetics


Imagine an alternative universe where beauty rituals are based on pure science and a touch of fairytale magic. Delbôve’s signature product is called the Crème Sorcière (yes, that’s French for witch cream). Combined with the Eau Sorcière, which will make your classic soap completely superfluous, eternal youth is simply yours for the taking. Instead of tackling skin malfunctions on the surface, these products stimulate your skin to reinvigorate its natural functions much more spontaneously. Don’t you just love it when science and sorcery come together in order to make you prettier?Visit the website

Elisa Lee


Elisa Lee is the moniker of Elisabeth Leenknegt, a lady that harbours both taste and talent. Born into a family of glass artists, she applies her heritage and expertise to the manufacture of timeless jewellery. Her hand-forged pieces combine precious metals with delicate air bubbles, perpetually caught in glass that is as versatile as it is colourful. Every single ring or necklace is made in Elisabeth’s workshop in Ronse, where she draws inspiration from phenomena ranging from butterflies to Japanese cherry blossoms. Now if only someone would be a darling and surprise us with a ring…Visit the website

Studio Kan/o


Two girls, one brand. Studio Kan/o is the joint project of Valérie Hellebaut and Stien Bekaert, damsels with a keen sense of style and extensive savoir-faire when it comet to dyeing fabric. If you go ‘mmmmarble’ upon encountering a slab of stone, their pillows and billowing room dividers are about to make your heart skip a beat or two. Being a pair of ladies who make wise choices, they very carefully choose their collaborations as well. Have a look at the gorgeous afrormosia bench made by Atelier Tactile, along with its handprinted custom pillows, or the Eskimo boxers basking in hues of blue. Fingers crossed for some marbles ladies’ knickers next!Visit the website

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.”Grace Kelly



Who ever said you needed to be a millionaire to adorn your walls with art? Pick your favourite piece on artlead, a platform that helps you discover today’s finest artists at prices that won’t exclude you from a little beach time come summer. How does it work? artlead selects pieces from museums, institutions and galleries and sells these limited editions online. Browse through their extensive gallery with emerging artists appearing next to Luc Tuymans or Dirk Braeckman. Two clicks and you’ll have art delivered right to your door. Ain’t that fresh?Visit the website

Raw Salad Company


Health is wealth is the credo at the Raw Salad Company. And no, healthy does not rhyme with munching tasteless lettuce like a rabbit. With these salads, there’s no need to dig deep to get at the good bits: there’s only good bits. Have a Libanon Lover or a raw Pad Thai from the menu or be your own chef and mix your favourite ingredients as you please. Add a freshly squeezed juice on to your order, top it all off with raw carrot cheesecake and wait for the door bell to ring. Because yes, these healthy beauties are delivery-only in Antwerp and Ghent. We’re already dialling for lunch today.Visit the website

The Ivy, Dublin


How would you feel about adding some Irish to your coffee? Sure, whiskey is nice, but the right setting really does make a difference, wouldn’t you agree? And where better to spike your roasted beans than Dublin? The Ivy sits right on the corner of Dame and Parliament Street, offering you a view of the beautiful city hall. Just what you need to catch your wits after a stroll along the Liffey, or if the never-ending supply of Irish rain drops has soaked your every piece of clothing. In fact, make that Irish coffee double. Sláinte!Visit the website

Une nuit à Bali


Perfume brand Une Nuit à… wants to elegantly reawaken your wanderlust, with Bali as a first destination. It dares us to wear a different fragrance to match each moment in life; ‘Fleurs des Fleurs’ for a romantic date, ‘Suma Oriental’ for weekend adventures, ‘Mr. Vetiver’ for an important meeting or ‘Murmure des Dieux’ for lazy Sundays. Try all of their Bali-based scents and let yourself be carried away to the beautiful island in Indonesia.Visit the website

Phyt plants


Put your plants up in the air! Wait, what? If you thought plants are tufts of greenery with some roots and dirt attached to them, you’re close, but not quite right. Ephiphyte are very cute air plants, which Sofie discovered on a trip to California. She now grows about twenty different kinds of rootless plants in her greenhouse, always in small quantities, ensuring plants that will last in your interior. Being an interior designer herself, Sofie also has beautiful accessories. Want!Visit the website

Super Mercado - Antwerp


Mercado houses the finest food stalls from all continents under one magnificent roof. After London’s Food Hall and the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, Antwerp is now the capital of foodie culture. Call it a boqueria in the heart of town, where taste is seasoned with just a dash of tasty nightlife. Because yes, you can have dinner first and dance next, right in the middle of this historic building, for live bands and DJs will have you chasing the night away every week-end.Visit the website

The Belmonte Cultural Club - Lisbon


In a city that titillates your senses in a swirl of smells and colours, allow yourself a little breather in the Palácio Belmonte patio. Uncork a bottle of fine local wine and take in the scenery: the terracotta floor of the Music Room, ancient arches carrying thick iron walls. Have we mentioned the exquisite artworks yet? Nah, maybe best to keep those as a surprise.Visit the website

I’ve never seen elegance go out of style.”Sonya Teclai

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Cannes


Forget about Tinseltown, Cannes by night truly is the city of stars. Even when the famous film festival and all the red carpets are still months away, the city emanates a timeless grandeur. Our tip for far niente at the Riviera in true movie star style? The pebbly beach at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, surrounded with winding trees and just a stone’s throw from the bustling Croisette. Just what you needed for a little jeu de boules.Visit the website

Mother Goose Hotel


Dinner date on Valentine’s Day? Let’s make it into a two-day trip! Take your one and only to the vibrant heart of Utrecht City in the Netherlands for a romantic stay at the authentic Mother Goose Hotel. Find minimalistic, airy rooms on the white goose floor, or maybe you’re more into an earth toned room with a robust appeal to it? It’s yours to pick, this hotel has got them all! Add a phenomenal view of Utrecht’s Dom Tower to it and make it a night to remember. A room for two please!Visit the website

Gä Nord


Surprise your loved one on a romantic dinner date in Antwerp’s new hotspot. The surrounding greenery of the old coach house paired with an exotic menu will enlighten your evening. Sip away on those cocktails, enjoy a lovely meal, and experience the fusion of nordic and eastern cuisine. Dinner is served!Visit the website

MiraMonti Boutique Hotel


In MiraMonti Boutique Hotel in Merano, you’ll find a lot of wishes coming true. A room with a view and a salt-water infinity pool? You’ve got it! Slow food in one of the MiraMonti restaurants and a personal trainer to work off all the delicious food right away? That too! Lucky for us, South Tyrol is a great destination in every season. Spring brings the region apple trees and vineyards, while in winter you can have a taste of snow and skiing. Jodelahiti!Visit the website



Since it’s getting colder, it’s time to wave mojito’s and lemonades goodbye and welcome back hot chocolate and tea. And the tea blends of atelier Bellocq we sure like to have with us on the couch on chilly days and evenings. They come in the cutest boxes and in all kind of flavours, from mint with a citrus twist to linden with notes of poppy, chamomile and lavender. Pick your taste and brew away!Discover the website

My Shelf by Anouk


We’ve all been there; looking for a shelf with the exact right length to fit between our walls. A disappointing quest to say the least. Thank God for My Shelf by Anouk! The wooden pieces are easy to assemble and adjustable in length to fit your needs. Just make your pick out of plywood – birch and oak, and you can mount away! Moving from one place to another? No problem! You can just disassemble the shelves and adjust them again to a new length. May the shelf be with you!Visit the website

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life."Coco Chanel

Bois de Rose


High end store Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp has a new baby: Bois de Rose by Martine Thoelen. It’s a porcelain ceramics line of the Belgian artist based in Switzerland. She’s not only into pottery, she paints as well. And that shows on the bowls and plates she makes, as Martine Thoelen uses oil and acrylic paintings to give her porcelain a special finishing touch. Each piece is handmade, unique and a true piece of art. Dishes to reserve for very careful guests, if you ask us!Discover the website

Bozar Brasserie


A visit to the Centre of Fine Arts coming up? Make sure you leave empty stomached, cause the Bozar Brasserie might be the best exposition of all. The art deco interior is food for your eyes, while the menu is a treat for your tummy. What about tenderloin baked in cognac or reared lamb roast with hummus and coriander? Now that’s fine art! What time do we meet?Discover the website



Honestly beautiful, don’t we all want to be that? With the pure and effective products from skincare brand Cîme, we can make it happen! Their collection is natural and organic, cruelty free and made with respect for the earth. Together with local farmers, Cîme brings to us a wide range of products, from hand creams to make-up remover. Fun to know; the brand also organises beauty workshops for a very small price. You’ll look beautiful as if by magic. Cîmesalabim!Discover the website

Hôtel de Tourrel


You could use a break, right? Why not visit the Provence and stay at a magnificent hotel? In Hôtel de Tourrel you can sleep in an elegant suite provided with all the luxury you need, including an XL bath tub and crisp white bathrobes. How idyllic! After a walk down the cute village Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, you can relax with a nice glass of wine on the roof top terrace or with a cocktail next to the pool. What are you waiting for? Jump in your car already! Destination: paradise.Visit the website

Walls Need Love


Wall stickers are the easiest way to bring a breath of fresh air into your interior. Just like a lick of paint or a change of wallpaper they can totally transform the atmosphere in your living space, but without all the hassle this usually brings along. Colourful artwork, nature-inspired designs or a chalkboard calendar, the stylish stickers of Walls Need Love will catch the eye of anyone entering the room!Visit the website

King George Café


Let your inner queen run free at King George Café. It’s the place to be for fresh juices, original salads, tasty cocktails and a creative atmosphere. The café is an initiative of the Mad Creative Agency, a team of innovatory youngsters always up for challenging projects. The interior of the bar is a mix of rustic bricks and safari like ceilings, so it’s a bit crazy, exactly as King George would’ve liked it. The craziness seems to be contagious, since we’re definitely mad about this place!Visit the website

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love"



Off to Bruges, off to Grün! In this fresh deli you can savour yummy food in a beautiful “green” setting. Lots of plants, mint green touches and white ornaments give the lunch place a relaxed vibe. The young Grün-team has seen a lot of the world and brought home some cosmopolitan recipes; Moroccan couscous, Asian noodles with coleslaw,… As a dessert you can consume heavenly and healthy pies from Madame Bakster. Post a photo on the internet and your friends will be Grün with envy!Visit the facebookpage

Rain Pharma


From now on, the bathroom will be your favourite room in the house! Beauty brand Rain Pharma offers a body line so nice, you just won’t get enough of pampering yourself. Products to try are the foaming shower scrubs, sugar scrubs and milky shower oils. If you prefer skin care out of the shower, Rain Pharma’s body lotions, hand creams and foot products are the essentials. Want more? You can atone outer and inner beauty with the brand’s shakes and nutritional supplements range. Let it Rain Pharma!Visit the website


journal post 4 vita JULY16.jpg

Discovering Vita is like lightening a light bulb. The lampshades are Scandinavian design, straight out of Denmark. You can even see the Danish dunes reflected in the wavy designs, especially of the Carmina collection. When you order, the lamps are wrapped in small packages, to keep the ecological foot print as little as possible. What else we like about Vita? The fluffiness of the lampshades! They remind us of a baby ostrich, which we would of course willingly adopt into our households!Visit the website

Bar Burbure

journal post 8 bar JULY16.jpg

Have you been to The Glorious yet? In this restaurant you can enjoy the most – what else? - glorious food, and now the owner opened up a bar next door: Bar Burbure. It’s located in the vibrant South of Antwerp, but holding your cognac, gin or cocktail, it’ll feel like you’ve travelled to Milan or even Manhattan. A cheap way to travel, isn’t it? Drinks to try are Lust for life and The emperor’s garden. D to the licious! It’s safe to say the next night out with the girls just found its location.Visit the website

Be a girl with mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class"

LX Boutique Hotel

Journal post 9 hotel 2 JULY16.jpg

Always dreamed of spending a night in a library? Then you must visit LX Boutique Hotel in Lisbon! The rooms have the coolest wall paper that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by books. Go to sleep with Dostojevski and wake up next to Hemingway! Rather have a room with a less literal view? The River Tagus is just outside your window! The hotel offers a real ‘Lisbon experience’, which includes the nicest continental breakfast. Yummy yummy yummy, you’ve got Lisbon in your tummy!Visit the website

Table Stories

journal post 3 coffee JULY16.jpg

A day in Ghent nééds to include breakfast, lunch or drinks at Table Stories. No plain sandwiches here, kitchen queen Kimberley only serves innovative dishes like ricotta pancakes, spicy popcorn, cold beet soup and fennel salad. Salivating already? We’re with you! And it gets even better; Table Stories also does catering and take-out. The delicious food doesn’t come in a plain brown doggie bag, but in a tasteful wooden basket, filled with snacks, flowers and even candles! Serve you soon!Visit the website


journal pos 1 beauty JULY16.jpg

Bring out your inner beauty! That’s the motto of beauty brand Self. The products are completely made of natural ingredients like coconut oil, macadamia nuts, argan oil, sheabutter and mandarin. And these healthy fellas sure don’t like parabens and other chemicals in their midst! Both the body and the face line are suitable for every skin type and won’t cause irritation. For those of us dreaming of a soft and healthy skin, Self is the brand to try. Just me, my Self and I.Visit the website

Le Lapin Blanc

Journal-post9 JUNE 2016.jpg

Paris is always a good idea, especially when you’re staying in the beautiful Le Lapin Blanc. The hotel is located in the vibrant Quartier Latin and the result of a cooperation between an architect and an artist. And my god, it’s pretty! Just do like Alice in Wonderland and follow the white rabbit. It will lead you to a fairytale decor of soft pastels and cute 50’s patterns. And delicious croissants of course! Sweet dreams, and bon appetit!Visit the website


journal post 8 ballekes JUNE16.jpg

Balls & Glory, the meatball restaurant of TV cook Jan Ballieu, got itself some competition! Ballekes found its home in Brussels and stands for classic meatballs with a modern sauce. Literally! Driving forces Thibault and Laurence used their grandma’s marinara meatballs recipe and experimented with it. On top of ‘ballekes’ in original sauces – think Kriek beer and Sirup de Liège as main ingredients - they offer a whole range of Belgian beers. Visit the restaurant and have a ball!Visit the website

Mineralis by Verilin

Journal-post4 JUNE 2016.jpg

Verilin is known for its beautiful linen and amazes once again with the Mineralis collection. It’s inspired by gemstones in all their purity and authenticity. What’s special about the selection? The subtle graphic designs, the wide range of colours (oh yes, even gold and silver!) and the unbelievable feel to it. Whether you purchase a duvet cover or a tablecloth, Mineralis adds a little sparkle to your room.Visit the website


journal-post3 - 2.jpg

Longing for breakfast but not in the mood to make some yourself? Just go out and have amazing food and drinks at Mirlo’s. Try the French toast once, pine for it always. The pastel themed breakfast and lunch place is located on ‘Het Zuid’ in Antwerp and has the cutest interior. Just your luck; most of it is for sale! Fresh quiche with a quirky lamp on the side? Why not!Visit the facebookpage

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure"

Otentic Perfumes

journal-post1 JUNE 2016.jpg

A whole new generation of perfumes is born; Otentic World. What distinguishes the brand from others is the fact that it pays attention to each individual customer. They put effort into making your perfume as unique as you are by adding specific ingredients. Otentic World offers eight fragrance styles for each mood; from sensual over elegant to seductive. So what’s your mood today?Visit the website

Jacqueline & Compote

Journal-post9 copy.jpg

Designer Annelies Verschaeren started out making quirky postcards and ended up with her own collection of jewelry. And are we happy about that! The original necklaces of Jacqueline & Compote lift your outfit to a whole new level. With just three or four wooden hexagons Annelies creates a statement piece. How? By using a combination of beautiful colours of course! Choosing is losing, since you’ll sure want them all.Visit the website

Indie Lee Organic


Obviously we love the summer, but our skin… not so much. In these hot months it needs to be hydrated and protected more than ever. A good thing we have Indie Lee! The completely natural skin care prevents and soothes summer discomforts and after using it your skin looks amazing. That’s a big win-win, won’t you say? And did we mention all Indie Lee products are ecological and toxin free? Throw in another win, ‘cause Indie Lee is an all round winner!Discover on instagram


journal-post8 - furniture.jpg

Still looking for that one piece of furniture to give your room that little something something? Get a Hannemans! Scandinavian design but without the accompanying price tag. Designer Hanne Hofmans makes every piece with her own two hands, from Loesje to Willy. That’s right, the wooden furniture with its unique form goes by an equally unique name. We’re already crazy in love with triangle shaped rack Flor!Visit the website

The Hoxton

journal-post3 - hoxton.jpg

Next time you’re planning a weekend trip to Amsterdam, make sure to book a room in the Hoxton. This impressive hotel is made up of 5 canal houses on Herengracht. It looks out at not one but two canals! All the rooms are very quirky and the beds are so soft you wouldn’t mind staying in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands forever. Another cute thing about the Hoxton? You can call up to an hour to anywhere in the world. Time to catch up on that summer romance?Visit the website

Coffeebar True Beans

Journal-post4 - true beans.jpg

Good coffee, superfoods and a great attitude. That and more you find at coffee bar True Beans in the historical center of Ghent. Whether you come here for breakfast or lunch, the homemade delicacies are served on a golden plate. Sounds like heaven? Tastes like heaven too! So next time you visit Ghent, make sure to stop at True Beans. Your taste buds will be ever grateful. Especially if you order the oatmeal bowl or the acai super smoothie. Yumm!Visit the website

Sternum Jewelry


Just like our clothes, we like our accessories to be timeless yet unique. With Sternum we might have found our perfect match in jewelry land. Their minimalistic approach and industrial influenced materials make sure you can wear their designs with most, if not all of your favourite outfits. Just like the brand name suggests, the designs are stripped of any embellishments and what remains are clean geometrical shapes that are delicate and powerful at the same time.Discover the website

Brood & bloemen


Cosy candle lights, a hot cup of tea, homemade jam, freshly picked flowers… it are the little things that make life special. What if we would bring all those things together in one place? Brood & bloemen has done exactly that. Beautiful bouquets and abundant breakfasts – to take or to enjoy on the spot - are their specialty, but that doesn’t stop them from offering all other kinds of stuff they love. We know where to send to our partner to next time he goes out to get Sunday brunch.Discover the website

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

Thelma Coffee & Design


Whether you go there to discover new accessory brands, to steal some interior ideas or just for a nice cup of coffee, Thelma wants you to have a good time. And although the concept store has only just opened its doors, it wouldn’t surprise us if this would quickly become the place to be in Leuven. Because its interesting mix of so far undiscovered international brands and promising local ones it must attract the hip and happening, right?Visit the facebookpage

Happiness is something that multiplies when it’s divided"



Uniting beauty and functionality is and has always been one of Gigue’s focal points. When the balance is right everything just falls into place. And that’s precisely the feeling you get when entering Shelter7. This one-of-a-kind design apartment is the perfect place to escape the city hustle. An interesting mix of statement pieces and unexpected adornments, together with a warm welcome and sincere service, is what sets this place apart.Discover the website

Spa Sereen


The term ‘wellness resort’ just doesn’t seem sufficient to describe Spa Sereen. Located next to a beautiful lake and surrounded by nature, it is a real Walhalla for wellness lovers. Whether you want to calm your senses or rather prefer an energy boost: this is exactly the place you want to be. The only thing that might cause some stress is the enormous choice of baths, cabins and treatments between which it is almost impossible to choose.Discover the website



On your next city trip to Brussels you should spend the night in DRUUM, a B&B located in what was previously known as coin du diable - your hosts will tell you all about its legends – a neighbourhood characterized by industrial buildings, factory owners’ mansions and small dwellings for workers. Each room has been designed by a different artist, but they all managed to capture and preserve the industrial character of this magnificent 19th century mansion. Sleep tight and wake up inspired!Visit the website



“One wonder serum cannot solve anything if you don’t take care of yourself.” The Finnish brand Supermood sees beauty care and wellbeing as a combination of natural cosmetics, good sleep and correct nutrition, as an all-round holistic experience. Therefore their products are not based on certain skin types or age categories but on specific moods. The Egoboost series for example is your go to when you “want to feel confident” while Youth Glow makes you “look fresh and well rested”.Visit the website

AU Maison side tables


Rose gold, copper or silver? Impossible to choose. Lucky for us, AU Maison sells its metallic side tables in sets of three. The clean lines, the serene colours, the overall minimalistic approach… these stunning pieces of furniture prove that the Danish are indeed the masters of design. And let’s be honest, with tables like these, who minds what the rest of your interior looks like?Visit the website

Never let the things you want forget the things you have”

Jackie’s Bagelbar


Whenever you feel like having something else than your standard sandwich for lunch, you must give Jackie’s Bagelbar a try. Although the shop is located in Ghent, the yummy bagels taste like they come from The Big Apple itself. Whether you go for a Breakie, Saltie or Sweetie, you’re sure to discover new flavours thanks to the unique combinations of spreads and toppings. No wonder Jackie’s bagels are known far outside of town!Visit the website

Compact perfume


The compact perfumes from Ravenscourt Apothecary are very special finds. Combining vintage and handmade, they make tasteful and eco-conscious gifts. Creator Tanya Kuznetsova is inspired by Victorian literature, her love of unusual teas, and the rich simplicity inherent in nature. She uses only natural ingredients of plant origin and supports the cruelty-free movement, striving to handcraft small scale personal care products that are kind to the environment. Something for your Christmas wishlist?Visit the website

Personality begins where comparison ends"

Bia Mara


We would never have thought that a restaurant with only one dish could be a success but Bia Mara in Brussels proves us wrong. On the menu? Fish & chips! But not like you’ve had it before. What sets this place apart are the freshness and great variety of seasonal ingredients, the healthier cooking methods, the extensive range of home-made sauces (more than 30!), salts and side dishes, and last but not least, their overall sustainable approach.Visit the website

Hotel Not Hotel


Hotel Not Hotel is a place in Amsterdam where a room isn’t just a room, but a work of art with its own creator, story, and identity: you can spend the night in a Spanish villa, a crow’s nest, a secret bookcase or even a tram cart. When you wake up, you step into an art-filled, exhibition-like space instead of an anonymous lobby or hallway. The entire hotel is one big living room, with cosy seating areas between the cottages. Definitely not like your regular hotel experience!Visit the website



Brussels’ new hotspot Chyl is about enjoying life, but always with respect for human and nature. Whether it comes to the daily groceries, your eating habits or beauty routines, they always stay true to their mantra: change your lifestyle, cherish your life. With their sustainable shop, café and beauty corner they show how things can be done differently without compromising on quality.
Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

Perfume by Lizzie Ostrom


With the winter months coming up - and the accompanying freezing days - we're finding it hard to step outside the warm confines of our living room. But even cabin fever can be celebrated in style. Lizzie Ostrom author of 'Perfume: a century of scents' believes every perfume has a tale to tell and gathered the interesting stories behind some of history’s most famous scents in this wonderful book. The perfect read for keeping our coffee table company this season.Visit the website

Scented candles by Tom Dixon


Nothing is as easy and effective for creating a homey atmosphere as lighting a candle. Gigue has totally fallen in love with the scented candles by the British designer Tom Dixon. Not only are we charmed by the cute metallic colours but also by the bewitching perfumes they spread. This lovely gift set would look great on your coffee table!Visit the webshop

The Yogurt Farm


Yogurt a boring snack? Don’t think so! A visit to The Yogurt Farm has opened our eyes about its endless cooking possibilities. With homemade banana bread granola and chocodrops for breakfast, with smoked salmon and quinoa for lunch or the frozen variant with nuts and dried fruits for an afternoon break. Besides that, The Yoghurt farm only uses 100% natural ingredients from local farmers which makes this not only a healthy but also environmentally friendly snack!Visit the website

Forever is composed by nows"

B&B Arck


Located in Tielrode – a little oasis of peace in between the cities of Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp – this B&B is the perfect place for a weekend escape. Arck is hosted by a couple of architects who decorated the space with a mix of vintage and modern design with Scandinavian and Japanese influences. The rooms are spacious and light and almost seem to blend into the surrounding nature which ensures you can enjoy a very relaxing stay.Visit the website



As the weather forces us to stay inside, at least for the coming months, we better spend them in an interior we love. Webshop BODIE and FOU gathers all the right things to give your home that chique, design conscious black & white style. The woman behind this addictive online store is the renowned interior and lifestyle blogger Karine Candice Köng, a French girl with Norwegian origins living in the vibrant city of London, which immediately explains on which influences her style is based on.Visit the website

The Sweet Box


Chocolate and jewelry. Our two main addictions. What if we combine both? That’s in short the simple but oh so genius thought that inspired Olivia des Cressonnières to create the Sweet Box: a beautifully designed jewelry box filled with coloured stones that can be combined according to your mood. Pick your favourite ‘flavours’ just like you would do with a chocolate box. A refined gift to spoil your precious friends and family with!Visit the website



A place where you can enjoy art, design, food and cocktails all at the same time? An industrial site is maybe not the kind of place where you would expect to find this interesting combination but Watt in Ghent proves it’s a successful concept. The former Elektrion office building of 1ha is filled with pop-up design stores reuniting vintage and modern styles. Those who want, can even stay for a sleep-over in one of the three lofts at the top floor of the building!Visit the website

Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery"

Les Cabanes de Marie


Are you a romantic type? Then we have a great anniversary tip for you! Les Cabanes de Marie, nestled in the majestic treetops of the park surrounding Château de la Rocq, is the perfect choice for an intimate weekend getaway. You and your partner in an inviting cabin full of luxury and comfort, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the overwhelming silence. That can’t be bad, right?Visit the website

Julie’s House


We don’t know if it’s because of our sweet tooth, but we cannot pass by Julie’s House without entering the place. Located in the middle of Ghent’s historic center overlooking the Leie river, this cosy pastry house serves the most delicious breakfasts, artisanal pies and colourful homemade cupcakes. The perfect stop for an afternoon tea on your next shopping trip!Visit the website



To all hungry people in Ghent and surroundings: we suggest a visit to Alix. The place feels like home – what are we saying? – even better than home! Whether you prefer to picnic in the lovely garden, have an afternoon tea with your best friends or organize a family reunion and have some late night talks over dinner, Alix is happy to open her doors and garden to anyone who is looking for delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere.Visit the website

B&B Spoor62


Once trains rushed by, dropping of hundreds of travelers every day. Now, the station of Moere, located amidst ancient polders and mysterious forests, is shrouded in silence and as such the perfect place to come to rest. Former ticket offices have been transformed into bedrooms bathing in luxury and serenity and are the perfect starting point for a relaxed weekend getaway.Visit the website

Happiness is the secret to all beauty "

Face mist


After a long hot summer, our skin craves for hydration. Enter face mists. A quick spritz not only refreshes but also restores your skin and even extends the wear of make-up. The best part? You can easily make it yourself. Just take a bottle of distilled water and add some of your favourite oils and scents. Rose water and witch hazel for a calming effect, cucumber and aloe vera to cool down or lavender and orange for a good night sleep. Or make you own combinations of course!Visit the website

Muller Van Severen


We’re not sure whether to call it art or design, but one thing we do know is that the creations of Muller Van Severen are not just furniture. By combining a minimum of details with a maximum of colour they create beautiful minimalistic designs from which this gorgeous rocking chair is our absolute favourite. We bet it’s just as comfortable as it is pretty.Visit the website

Terrarium by Jacquie Summer


A home without some fresh flowers is not a home. Gigue loves the way they can perk up a place in no time. We usually place them on top of cabinets or on a windowsill, but why not hang them up in the air? That’s exactly what Jacquie Summer must have thought. Each individual piece of her collection of handmade terrariums is a true piece of jewelry. Eyecatchers that will immediately attract the attention of everybody entering the room.Visit the website



Simplicity with a twist. That’s the idea behind the Belgian jewelry collection LoboGato. Creator Veerle De Wolf easily won over the hearts of friends and family with her original and handmade pieces and it didn’t take long before the word spread. Each season she comes up with new geometrical and minimalistic designs but she always stays true to her ideal of timeless elegance.Visit the website

Get social


Gigue is not just about clothes, it’s about a way of living. We believe beauty can be found everywhere. That’s why we want to share everything that startles, interests or attracts us with you. Follow us on Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss our latest inspirations!Visit us on Pinterest

Summer cocktail


Have you already had the pleasure of meeting Hugo, our new summer crush? We are of course talking about the new it-cocktail. Want to have a taste yourself? No bartender skills needed. Just take a big wine glass and fill it with 3 cl of elderflower syrup, 7 cl of prosecco, 2 cl of sparkling mineral water, some mint leaves and ice cubes. Easy as that. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Wu Wei wellbeing center


No matter what special occasion – romantic celebration, bachelorette party, team building – brings you to Wu Wei, you’re sure to leave the place totally zen. The name of this wellbeing center is inspired on a basic concept in Chinese Tao philosophy which means ‘effortlessly doing’. Sounds like our kind of place! Make sure you visit our Kortrijk store on the way there!Visit the website

Summer Josephine’s


No need to travel out of the country to get into that relaxed holiday mood. Josephine’s created a much needed oasis of peace in the middle of Antwerp. Whether you just want to take a rest in the shadow of the trees or enjoy a refreshing cocktail while listening to some jazz music, Josephine’s summer bar has got it all!Visit the facebookpage

'Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"Leonardo Da Vinci

B&B Atelier 20


Next time you’re planning a weekend trip to Antwerp, make sure to book a room in Atelier20. This lovely bed and breakfast lies within the original monastery walls of the St. Paulus Church and offers two spacious and beautifully decorated rooms. Hosts Daniel and Nathalie are warm, welcoming people who provide you with wonderful breakfasts, an excellent service and lots of information about Antwerp. Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

Michal Keren Gelman


Gigue is already thinking about your summer table. Michal Keren Gelman’s handmade ceramics are real works of art. Her clean, bright and feminine design is inspired by the Israelian mountain landscape. These teacups are perfect for a cosy snuggle on the couch with your favorite herbal tea. They can also be used as a small vase or cupcake baking dish. Enjoy decorating!Visit the website

By Mölle


On top of our wish list? A denim throw from By Mölle. Made from recycled jeans, each piece has its own unique appearance. The authentic look and feel perfectly fit into your modern, timeless interior. Who would have thought an old pair of jeans would look so nice on your sofa?Visit the website

'The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence''

The Van Gifts


Finding an original present to surprise your loved ones on their birthday can be quite a hassle. Not so for Valerie and Ann of web shop The Van: for them, the hunt is half the pleasure. Cruising through Europe in their retro Volkswagen van, they are always on the outlook for trendy gifts. It’s no coincidence their motto is ‘the joy of giving’. Visit their website to find the ultimate treat for yourself or your closest friends.Visit the website

Buchbar Antwerp


Gigue loves a good read, especially when accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. That’s why we were delighted to discover Kim Hertogs’ Buchbar in Antwerp – what’s in a name? - a book shop and coffee bar in one. On the shelves are well-known classics and hidden gems, a selection handpicked by the owner herself. Not only the literature, but also the coffee is of top quality thanks to the experienced coffee brewers. Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

The Little Green Shop


New on Gigue’s list of favourite brunch places: The Little Green Shop in Brussels. This flower shop meets tea room serves the most delicious – veggie! – buffet on Sundays: homemade sweets, healthy quiches and fruit skewers to dip into the chocolate fountain. But the best part? You can enjoy all of this surrounded by the sight and smell of fresh flowers. One bouquet to go please!Visit the facebookpage

Sacré Sucré Interior Design


Looking for some interior design advice? We have a new address for you: Sacré Sucré. After eight years of working intensively on all kinds of interior design projects, founder Margot Ghysels built up an impressing database of brands she loved. Lucky for us, she felt the need to share it with others and decided to open her own boutique in Brussels. The store displays a fine selection of furniture, art and objects by designers all around the globe. Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

Herbivore botanicals


‘The very best ingredients are made in the earth, not in the lab.’ Since 2011 Herbivore Botanicals has been crafting bath and beauty products according to this principle. Their handmade products are 100% natural and contain all essential vitamins and minerals to restore your skin to its optimum health and vitality. The minimal design packaging is a nice extra.Visit the website

The Alfred Collection


The beauty of the essential. That is what the house linen of The Alfred Collection is all about. Think basic colours and simple lines combined with a great attention to detail. As much care and precision as is put into the design, is put into the execution: the quality of their products is without comparison. Bring an atmosphere of peace into your home with this luxurious collection.Visit the website

L:A Bruket


Purity, functionality, simplicity and creativity. The Swedish beauty brand L:A Brucket is perfectly in tune with Scandinavian design traditions. They’ve grown famous for their handmade soaps (the one with lemongrass is already a keeper in our bathroom) which are not only a true feast for the sensitive skin but also for the critical eye.Visit the website

'Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"Audrey Hepburn

I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels


When goldsmith Margaux and diamond cutter Gilles joined their forces and names two years ago, I.Ma.Gi.N Jewels was born. No oversized accessories, but refined, minimalist creations that can be worn every day. Since then these masters of subtlety have worked their way up. They opened two stores in Belgium and attracted retailers from London to Singapore. From cute little bracelets with statements to sparkly rings with rock crystals: it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with their creations.Visit the website

B&B Rosier 10


Located between the trendy South district, the Island and the old city centre, B&B Rosier 10 is the perfect starting point for exploring Antwerp. Each room is named after a moment of the day and the design of the apartments is inspired by the city itself. Hostess Roxanne transformed the historical townhouse in an oasis of peace amongst the vibrant city life of Antwerp. Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

Barista Ghent


Tip for the shoppers in Ghent: Barista. It’s not just another coffee bar but an overall experience. Enjoy the smell of their freshly baked bread, the wonderful art on the walls and the charming view on the canal while drinking your authentic Italian coffee. What’s more, they pride their products on being healthy and biological. A great place to go for an afternoon drink and snack. Don’t forget to visit us when you’re in the city!Visit the website

All Good snack box


We’re totally into healthy snacks! All Good is the first homemade raw vegan product line in Belgium. All of their products are free from refined sugars, gluten and dairy. Their snack boxes contain delicious treats with sounding names like Brownie Superfood Truffles, Crunchy Cinnamon Granoa or Almond Cashew Cheese Crackers. Energy boost guaranteed!Visit the website


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