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Sustainability at Gigue

Wear what you believe in

Gigue believes in a more sustainable future and feels that it is important for us, as a Belgian fashion house, to play our part. Together with our suppliers and producers, we are committed to a more sustainable approach towards our Gigue collections, season after season. Our motto is: ‘Wear what you believe in’.

With an emphasis on innovative materials and classic styling, we focus on the following 2 aims:  production with a low environmental impact and the durability of our collections. The Gigue collections are designed with a slow fashion philosophy in mind and this means that you will be able to wear our classic and high quality pieces for many years to come.


​​​​​​​Fine fabrics

Before starting a new collection we first source our fabrics. At the start of each new fashion season, designer Audrey Wyckmans and the design team start looking for unique, high quality fabrics with a luxurious feel. The fabrics typically used by Gigue also play a key role as part of our sustainability commitment.

For the Autumn-Winter 2022 season, we went one step further in our focus on materials, with our sustainability approach in mind. The result? This season, 28% of Gigue designs contain at least 30% of certified sustainable fibres. You will recognise these garments in the Gigue boutiques and our online shop thanks to a unique logo.



Recycled wool

Wool is a naturally sustainable fibre. Woollen garments are extremely durable and can last for 20-30 years or more, reducing their ecological footprint.

Wool is easy to recycle and the recycling channels are well developed. Italy is known for its wool recycling expertise and textile manufacturers have honed their craft resulting in high quality end products. In the collection, you will find the material, for example, in the coats in Italian recycled wool.

Recycling wool does not only reduces waste, it also saves significant amounts of water, reduces land use for sheep and avoids the use of chemicals for treatment.


Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester is made from plastic bottles and this reduces plastic waste. The production of recycled polyester requires a lot less energy than the production of new fibres and this results in reduced CO2 emissions.

Recycled polyester preserves its unique properties as a raw material. It is shrink resistant and colour fast and therefore the perfect material for a blouse with a rich print or raincoat with a feminine cut.



​​​​​​​Organic cotton

Organic cotton has the same qualities as conventional cotton but with a smaller environmental impact. Organic cotton is grown from non-GM seed without the use of pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilisers.

Organic cotton farmers use authentic agricultural methods such as crop rotation and mixed farming methods which are better for the soil. These natural growing methods protect the environment and the organic farmers from exposure to harmful substances. This soft organic cotton is used in the signature shirts in the Gigue collection.  


​​​​​​​More sustainable viscose variant

The more sustainable viscose variant in our blouses, dresses and tops is made from wood pulp that is sourced from sustainable European forests. This wood pulp is converted into viscose fibre using chemicals in a closed-loop-process.

The production of this more sustainable variant uses up to 50% less energy and water compared to conventional viscose.  It also uses purified water to ensure a process that considers the well-being of employees and the environment.



​​​​​​​More sustainable lyocell variant

The Gigue collection includes various types of lyocell, from the tough fabric used in our trousers to flowing textiles as used in our dresses. Lyocell is made from wood pulp that is sourced from sustainably managed plantations. The wood pulp-cellulose is converted into fibres using solvents that are 100% biological. 

The fabric is produced in a closed system that recycles the water and solvents. The material is kind to the skin and biodegradable. Lyocell has many advantages when used as a material for clothing.  It is breathable, absorbent, comfortable, light and yet strong at the same time.

Reliable partners for raw materials

Gigue works with established partners who are committed to the supply of high quality and sustainable materials. The materials are accompanied by a technical data sheet as well as certificates for sustainable fabrics. All materials are rigorously tested for quality before putting them into production. This process ensures the durability of every signature look created by Gigue.

Our materials suppliers, from yarn to fabrics, are increasingly choosing to specialise in high quality materials that are more sustainable. Our supply partners provide us with clear and transparent information about their initiatives with regard to sustainable business practices. Take our textile partners from Portugal and Italy for example, who have already won multiple awards for sustainable business practices and product innovation.


From prototype to production

​​​​​​​Extensive quality testing

Every fabric and every garment is subjected to comprehensive quality checks. This is a thorough process that is part of our mission to create clothing that you can wear for years to come.

First, we make a prototype for each piece in the collection. This prototype is then put on a mannequin or on a fitting model. This gives us the basis for a perfect fit.  After all, a garment that fits you properly is a garment that you will want to wear again and again.  

All fabrics are tested in-house for shrinkage, tear-resistance and piling. Any fabrics that fail the tests will not be included in the collection

The wear tests start as soon as we have received the collection samples. The garment is worn for 3 consecutive days and subsequently washed and checked by our quality control team. It is then worn and washed a further 2 times. If the results are good, we will put the piece into production. Wear tests teach us a lot about the comfort of a garment and this is also important as far as greater durability is concerned.

Just before the start of the actual production process, we ask for samples in various sizes in the final fabrics. These samples are then tried on mannequins and models to ensure a perfect fit and excellent finishing.

And finally, just before we receive the new collection from our production partners, we receive one last sample so we can check the sizes, colour and finishing one more time.

​​​​​​​Strong relationships with production workshops

We develop strong relationships with our production workshops which are also our long-term partners. Together, we are committed to creating high quality collections. Our working relationship is based on mutual respect and we pay a fair price for our products.

We have been working with 82% of our external production partners for more than 10 years. We regularly visit the workshops to further strengthen our relationship. We also have our own production workshop in Tunisia where they manufacture our dresses, skirts and blouses.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Code of Conduct

We develop strong relationships with our suppliers and producers through long-term partnerships and regular visits to their facilities. Our partners share our values of honesty, trust, respect and responsibility.

Based on these principles, we have drawn up a Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility and we ask all partners, suppliers and producers to sign this.  So far 90% of our partners have signed our Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct covers decent and safe working conditions with themes such as freedom of labour and association, anti-discrimination and a prohibition of child labour, a liveable wage and respecting working hours. In addition to decent working conditions, the Code also includes requirements in the areas of traceability, health and safety of products and environmental responsibility.

We review compliance of this Code of Conduct when we visit our partners. 58% of our external production partners are based in the European Union which has strict employment laws.


We invest in a long life cycle of our Gigue collection through classic design, high quality materials and a rigorous testing process. You can also help to prolong the life of your garments by taking good care of them so that you can enjoy your Gigue looks for a long time.

Washing your garments less frequently is always a good idea.  You can simply air your garments outdoors and in the shade to make them smell clean and fresh.

It is better for textile fibres to use laundry detergent without bleaching agents and not to use fabric conditioner (vinegar is a good alternative). The drying method used also makes a difference. Drying your garments on a washing line or flat is gentler than using a drying cabinet.  

We love the soft feel of wool. Wool has very specific washing and drying instructions all of its own: wool detergent, wool wash programme (or hand wash) and dry flat are the key words here.


Less frequent washing thanks to Eco Fashion Care

By taking good care of your high-quality clothes, you can keep them looking their best for longer. As part of our sustainability strategy, we collaborate with Nanex, a young Belgian company that develops care products for clothing and shoes. The Eco Fashion Care product assortment includes a stain remover, a refreshing spray that neutralizes odours and a protecting spray that protects against water and stains.

The products are locally produced and made from natural ingredients. By thoughtfully caring about clothing items, you will need to launder them less often which is better for the textile fibres. The innovative Eco Fashion Care range is a great way to take care of your clothes using natural products. 


Gigue Repair Service

Our commitment to creating sustainable and high quality Gigue collections goes beyond the fashion seasons. The Gigue boutiques also provide a Repair Service so that you can drop off your Gigue looks in the boutique for repairs during the entire life of your garment.  Our Gigue boutiques will also be happy to advise you on washing and maintaining your garments.

Learn more about our Repair Service.

Renting a Gigue look at Dressr

The online Dressr platform is a dress agency where you can take out a subscription and rent fashion. Dressr focuses on classic, high quality garments that are easy to maintain and durable.

Dressr is all about having fun with fashion and combining this with a sustainable approach. This philosophy ties in with our ambition to maximise the life cycle of our Gigue collections. Thanks to our partnership with Dressr, you can now hire your Gigue pieces via their platform.

Rent your Gigue look at Dressr.


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