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Rich fabrics and sophisticated details

Gigue is committed to the use of rich fabrics, sophisticated details and beautiful finishes. We refuse to compromise in these areas. This feeling of luxury is woven into every fibre and detail of our collections. The collections exude refinement and class. The looks consist of pure lines that are rich in materials and finishes. We love high-quality fabrics that are comfortable, elegant and luxurious.

Find out more about our materials and their qualities.




Breathable - Soft - Comfortable

Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant. It is a breathable and comfortable natural material. The white cotton blouse is one of Gigue’s signature looks that is included in each season’s collection. Cotton blouses and dresses can be worn both casually as well as dressed up thanks to the versatility of this material. Our collections use cotton in various forms, from smooth poplin and cotton voile to soft jersey and chambray.


Airy - Natural - Rich texture

Linen is a natural material made from the fibres of the flax plant. The threads are thicker than those of cotton and this is what gives linen its appealing rich texture. Linen feels light and comfortable and dries quickly. A perfect material to wear in summer or when travelling.

Linen is a lovely summer fabric that is included in Gigue’s spring collection every year. Tops, blouses and shirts in 100% linen will result in a casual look. Trousers and blazers in a linen-viscose mix give the material an elegant feel whilst you continue to experience the rich texture




Silk-like sheen - Smooth - Elegant

Viscose combines the best of both worlds: it is natural and synthetic at the same time. Viscose is comfortable, breathable and absorbs moisture like natural materials. The synthetic side ensures that the fabric is very colourfast, ideal for deep colours and rich designs.

Viscose is sometimes called artificial silk because of the luxurious and silky look and feel. We like viscose as it is a comfortable, elegant and smooth material that is perfect for women’s blouses, dresses and skirts.

Merino wool

Light - Insulating - Soft

Merino is lighter than other types of wool yet still warm. The material is breathable and thermo-regulating.  Merino wool feels silky soft against the skin. We like to use merino wool for finer knits. It is an ideal second skin in the colder winter months. Please note: wool from merino sheep does not itch thanks to its smaller fibre.




Soft - Insulating - Shiny

Mohair is a luxurious natural fibre with a unique fluffy texture. The Gigue collection has used mohair in lovely, comfortable winter pullovers and cardigans. It is made from the hair of the Angora goat and is silky and soft.

For thicker winter pullovers, Gigue combines mohair with wool or merino wool. We use as much as 20% mohair for an elegant look. Enjoy wearing a silky smooth mohair pullover from Gigue this winter.

Boiled wool

Soft - Warm - Breathable

Boiled wool has been used for thousands of years to make clothes. The textile is both strong and soft and perfect for autumn and winter. It keeps you nice and warm and is breathable at the same time.

Since the wool is boiled, it does not itch or fray. Unlike the stiffer felt, boiled wool maintains its softness. A boiled wool blazer or coat from Gigue is the perfect piece for spring or autumn and looks great worn over a light blouse or shirt. A woollen pullover provides extra warmth during the colder months.


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