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Taking care of your Gigue looks

With our timeless design, high-quality materials and rigorous testing, we're investing in the longevity of Gigue collections. Our slow fashion philosophy means we're offering a clear alternative to fast fashion. We're not into disposable fashion, we're into keep and cherish fashion that's timeless and high quality.

You can also help extend the life of your pieces. With conscientious care, you can keep your Gigue looks looking great for much longer. By limiting the number of washes, you're saving both the planet and the fibres in your clothes.

Care tips

Skipping the bleach and fabric softener and washing at low temperatures is gentler on textile fibres. The way you dry has an impact, too. Line drying or flat drying (for jersey) is kinder than tumble drying. And it also saves energy.

It's always a good idea to wash less often. That's where airing can be a wonderful solution. Airing clothes, outside in the shade for instance, can help them feel fresh again. Or try our Eco Fashion Care products. They're designed to reduce the number of washes your clothes need.


Caring for wool and cashmere

We love the soft allure of wool. This natural material has its own unique needs. To save your precious wool or cashmere jumpers, we recommend not wearing pieces two days in a row. This will give the natural fibres time to recover.

Wash your wool and cashmere items as little as possible. Time for a wash? Then make sure you hand wash using wool detergent. Remove excess water by rolling the garment in a towel and gently squeezing out the remaining water. Let it dry flat, between 2 towels.

Still feel like you'd rather wash your woollen garments in the washer? Then be sure to choose a wool wash setting, put your items in separate laundry bags, and use wool detergent. Again, lay them flat to dry.

Always store wool and cashmere items folded, not on hangers. Be sure to keep cedar balls in your wardrobe to keep moths at bay.

What to do about pilling?

Pilling is what happens when small balls form on woollen items. It's a process that occurs naturally. If you like fuzzy, fluffy jumpers, you may have already seen it. Fuzzy wool owes its much-loved look to its shorter fibres. And a shorter fibre will wind up faster. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and treat it.

Washing wool properly and as little as possible will go a long way. When pills do appear, you can carefully remove them with a professional pill shaver.

Taking care of your clothes naturally


As part of our sustainability strategy, we've partnered with Belgian company Nanex on a collection of care products for clothes and shoes. The Eco Fashion Care range includes a stain remover, a refreshing spray, and a protective spray. 3 products that will help you wash your clothes less often and protect the fibres of your favourite pieces.

CLEAN - Stain removal

  • Natural ingredients
  • Efficiently removes stains
  • For clothing and shoes

CLEAN stain remover is a natural cleaner that removes stains quickly and effectively. The chemical components in cleaning products can damage your clothes. At Eco Fashion Care, the technology has been designed to prevent damage to the material. It's made from natural ingredients and can be used on both clothes and shoes.

To treat: apply CLEAN to a microfibre cloth and gently massage it into the stain until it disappears. Stubborn stain? Let the product soak in and then rinse the stain away with lukewarm water. There's no need to wash the garment immediately after stain removal. It protects your garment and saves water and energy.


PROTECT - Protective spray

  • Repels water, liquids, and stains
  • Natural technology with air pressure pumping system
  • Perfect for coats, blazers, shoes, and hand-wash items

PROTECT is a universal protective spray for jackets and shoes. But it's also a great solution for other beloved pieces, from jumpers to trousers. The spray repels water, liquids, and stains. It protects fibres and cuts down on how often your clothes need to be washed.

Be aware: on shiny fabrics and raincoats, the spray may create a matt effect. We don't recommend using the product on those items.

To treat: spray a fine layer of the product on the outside of your garment or shoes and leave it on for 24 hours.

FRESH - Refreshing spray

  • Freshens clothes and shoes for up to 30 days
  • Natural technology that neutralises odours
  • Air pressure technology means it's propellant free

FRESH is a favourite among Eco Fashion Care products. It's a refreshing spray that stays active for up to 30 days. FRESH does so much more than just deodorise. It neutralises odours thanks to a natural technology. That means you need to wash your clothes less. The light fragrance gives you the feel of freshly washed clothes.

Be aware: on shiny fabrics and raincoats, the spray may create a matt effect. We don't recommend using the product on those items.

To treat: spray the product on the inside of the garment, hang it up, and leave it for 12 hours. It will stay active for 30 days. It's also a fantastic option for refreshing shoes.


Take care of your clothes naturally


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