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Rent your Gigue look from Dressr

Have you heard about Dressr? Dressr is an online clothing library that lets you rent your fashion. They rent high-quality clothes, bags, and accessories from dozens of Belgian brands and offer options for subscriptions or one-time rentals.

Dressr is all about having fun with fashion while still taking a sustainable approach. It's a philosophy that aligns with our mission to maximise the lifespan of Gigue collections. Our partnership with Dressr means you can now rent Gigue garments on the platform.

Discover Dressr

Meet Caroline, business manager at Dressr

Caroline Baeten is the founder and inspiration behind Dressr. She runs the platform from Antwerp, where she lives with her husband and daughter. Caroline launched the Dressr digital rental platform in April 2021, following a year of intensive market research.

Dressr's showroom is based in Mortsel, just outside Antwerp. Caroline works with fashionistas across Belgium, but she's already set her sights far beyond the Belgian borders. We sat down for an interview with the enterprising woman behind Dressr.

"At Dressr, we focus on everyday wear, so that's often in a professional context. That's where Gigue pieces really shine."

Caroline Baeten

Hi Caroline. So where did you get the idea to start Dressr?

Dressr is a way for me to combine some of my main interests and experiences. I have a background in the digital sector, I adore fashion, and I'm passionate about making the fashion industry more sustainable. Those factors, plus a year of solid research with Vlerick Business School and the University of Antwerp, all led to the launch the Dressr clothing library.

How can clothing rental help make the fashion industry more sustainable?

I want to Dressr to offer an alternative to that classic, linear model we see in the fashion industry, where clothes are bought then end up in landfills after just a handful of wears. I'm focused on extending the lifespan and increasing the number of wears per piece.

Because our pieces are rented out, they are worn more often in a shorter timespan than a purchased piece. Repairing pieces where necessary and professional cleaning are part of our commitment to longevity.

Clothing rental is a way to combat waste. The wear count is higher for each piece, since a new lender wears it every time. Because our partners create high quality, timeless pieces, we're able to rent them out all season long.

Is there any research into Dressr's environmental impact?

We asked VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, and the University of Antwerp to evaluate the impact of our operations. They compared the number of wears for purchased pieces to the number of wears per rental piece. The calculation also included shipping to and from our customers.

It's clear from the research that Dressr is making a positive impact. Since pieces are worn more often and for longer, it means fewer new items have to be produced. It saves water and reduces CO2 emissions. We're very excited about the results, but we also recognise that the true impact can only be realised when renting becomes the norm for consumers.

"Clothing rental is a way to combat waste. Each piece has a longer life, since a new lender wears it every time."

Caroline Baeten

What are your goals for the platform?

I want Dressr to help normalise clothing rental. Right now, rental is just a small niche in the market, but in time, it could become a broad-based option to supplement purchases. Dressr runs primarily on the website, a digital platform. That makes it easily scalable. This year, we're expanding our operations to the Netherlands. We can serve that market from Antwerp. So we're looking to grow beyond our own borders.

What is your personal connection to fashion and Gigue?

I've always had an interest in fashion. I try to be as conscious about my own wardrobe as possible. I raid friends' closets and look for high-quality second-hand finds. When I do buy new, I go with solid pieces that I know will last me for a long time.

A label like Gigue is the perfect fit for that narrative, and for the Dressr approach. We hand-pick only top-quality, timeless pieces that can hold up to frequent wear and cleaning and that our lenders can love for a long time to come.

And Gigue is doing really well. It's a timeless style with an excellent fit. Women of all ages are lending pieces like Gigue pantsuits for presentations and events. At Dressr, we focus on everyday wear, so that's often in a professional context. That's where Gigue's trousers and tops really shine.


5 tips from Dressr's Caroline Baeten

Start by looking in friends' and family's closets, where there are often treasures waiting to be found.

If you do buy something new, don't make impulse buys. Buy intentionally.

Repairing clothes doesn't have to be something you do yourself. A local tailor can also do minor repairs.

Choose the gentlest wash option. Don't just throw it in the laundry out of habit. Check the piece to see if it actually needs to be washed.

Value quality. Good pieces made with good materials can last you a long time.


How does Dressr work?

1. With a subscription

With a subscription, you can have a certain number of Dressr items in your closet at any one time – a revolving designer wardrobe, with less environmental impact.

There are 3 subscription packages: €39/month for 2 pieces, €59/month for 3 pieces, and €79/month for 4 pieces.

Your pieces will come to you washed and ironed. You can exchange them as often as you like.

2. Or one-time rental

Pick the pieces you want to rent on the Dressr website. They'll be shipped to you and you can wear them for 10 days. Then you send them back to Dressr. For example: a one-time rental for a Gigue evening gown is about €50.

Good to know

Once the lender returns them, each piece is professionally cleaned and repaired where necessary.

Interested in trying on some pieces at the Dressr showroom in Mortsel? The showroom is open every Wednesday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

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